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Did you know that how many cat breeds there are?  Did you know that dogs can see in the dark?  Learn interesting facts about our four legged friends. Dogs and cats are our best friends.  Yes, your dog or cat is a big part of your life.  We have to care for our dogs and cats nutrition. Our dogs and cats are happy if they are healthy so we want to take care of their health.  You want to make sure they are trained to behave as any good pet should.  You spend a lot of time with your pet cat or dog.  Yes, they are big part of our world.  Did you know that you are their whole world?

kitten arguing about how high can cats jumps - comic

How high can cats jump?

Cats are natural climbers and jumpers and excel at these two tasks. But how high can they jump? Are they better than us at jumping? With a little practice, an average cat can jump up to 1.3 to 1.6 meters high (4.3 to 5.2 feet) from the spot. With assistance from their claws, cats can cover fences that are even higher. But straight up, one can say that cats can jump six times their height.

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tortoiseshell female cat

Why male tortoiseshell and calico cats are rare

Male tortoiseshell and calico cats are rare. They are extremely rare, at the same time, not everyone is aware of it. We have a female tortie cat, but because of her decent body size, many of our visitors often assume it’s a boy. One of our friends even has nicknamed her Mr. Tom. However, her name is Jersey, and she’s a girl, just as all tortoiseshell cats are female. Or are they?

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