Maris Munkevics and Signe Munkevica

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Hello, fellow pet lovers!

Welcome, from our large family—15 individuals in total—to yours. No, that is not as chaotic as it may sound. We’ll explain soon enough!

Māris Munkevics and Signe Munkevica
Maris is on the left, Signe is on the right.

We are the two adults behind this website: Maris is a Cat Behaviorist, and Signe is a Doctor of Veterinary Sciences and pet groomer. Signe graduated from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom with her Doctorate in Veterinary Sciences. Maris also graduated from the University of Bristol with his Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Nursing and Companion Animal Behavior. Meeting at the University of Bristol is where we began our life together. We have two beautiful kids, Lauma and Renars, who teach us a lot about how to communicate with animals.

This site is dedicated to providing answers to the questions we commonly get asked at our veterinary clinic. This site is not about the business of our veterinary practice. We write articles for this site to help our fellow “Pet parents” with information and answers to common questions. We hope this helps everyone, especially those that may have difficulty getting affordable veterinary care.

Please understand that the information provided on this site is not a substitute for the quality care and advice you will get from your own veterinarian. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pet, please consult with your veterinarian.

Bella and Leo relaxing
Leo and Bella relaxing

Of course, our family also includes pets! Three cats: Jersey, Leo, and Bella; two dogs of varying sizes, Chandra and Merida; and six small aquarium fish. That adds up to 15, which is why we said it was not as chaotic as it sounds.

Signe, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and proud pet parent and mom.
Signe, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and proud pet parent and mom.

Here on our website, we want to share our experiences about how small changes in your home and habits can improve your pet’s behavior, well-being, and health. While our emphasis and field of expertise is on cats, you will learn about dogs and other pets, too. Our first pets were Chocolate labs:

Two of our three chocolate labrador retrievers.
Two of our first dogs getting ready for bed.

As we’ve learned to understand animals, we have also learned that often all you need is to understand their true nature in order to please them. And when your pet is pleased, you will feel pleased. After all, happy cats leave your slippers dry. Happy cats sleep through the night. Happy dogs bark only when there is a reason to do so.

Our story is not told through our jobs alone. As owners of pets that some may describe as being too many for the size of our house, we have faced our own set of challenges along the way. For example, our three cats were introduced to one another at adult ages. Most cat owners would describe their initial interactions as hopeless, and yet they now all peacefully sleep on the same bed.

We’re sure you can accomplish your goals, too!
Maris and Signe

P.S. Find a story about arrival of our newest pet family member here.

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