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Welcome to Pet-Happy

Find the answers you are looking for about your pets from Signe, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Maris, a Certified Pet Behaviorist.

Welcome to Pet-Happy

Tips for a happy life with your happy pet.

Thank you for visiting. In addition to being a vet and pet behaviorist, we are pet owners too. We love our four legged fur babies just like you. We’ve learned from our experiences owning countless kittens, puppies, and fish. We also see pet parents like you in our veterinary practice everyday.

Our mission is to provide information to help you and your pet have a healthy and happy life together. Because keeping your Pet Happy is what we all want.

Here are direct links to the most common questions we receive:

You can find more information below or by using the menu bar. Thank you for taking the time to learn how to make your furry friend happy. You’ll also find tips for our finned friends too.

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