Did You Know?

Did you know that how many cat breeds there are?  Did you know that dogs can see in the dark?  Learn interesting facts about our four legged friends. Dogs and cats are our best friends.  Yes, your dog or cat is a big part of your life.  We have to care for our dogs and cats nutrition. Our dogs and cats are happy if they are healthy so we want to take care of their health.  You want to make sure they are trained to behave as any good pet should.  You spend a lot of time with your pet cat or dog.  Yes, they are big part of our world.  Did you know that you are their whole world?

Old cat looking in a distance at a ship in a blue sea

How far can your cat see?

In our country, there is a song where a cat tells the story about his life and mentions that he used to see over a kilometer at night and three at dawn. Impressive, even though it is only poetry and likely some other round number would be used if the author preferred miles over kilometers. Regardless, are cats really good at seeing distant objects? Could they see over a mile? How far can a normal cat see? As it turns out—not very far.

dog eating placebo pills

Why does a placebo work on dogs and cats?

The placebo effect is usually viewed as a treatment of faith. If you believe the pill will help you, it will; the only condition is that you must believe it. In this light, it is plausible to dismiss the notion of placebo having an effect on animals, especially pets in veterinary medicine. In this article, you will learn how placebo affects animals, what else is hiding behind placebo’s therapeutic effects, and whether we can use the magic power of placebo to treat our pets—dogs, cats, and others.

Are cats solitary animals?

Are cats solitary creatures?

For quite a long time cats were considered as antisocial creatures, the ones who do not crave company, the ones who walk by themselves, and as the ones, who, even if live together, are actually living ‘apart together’. But what is the reality? Are cats solitary animals, or do they need other animals and humans by their side?

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