Dog Behavior

Do you have a goofy dog? Does he or she act funny.  Isn’t it amazing that dogs have personalities? Does he or she follow you everywhere you go. Your dog always wants to be with you. How come?  Why do dogs want to be with us?  Does your dog get so excited to see you every time you’ve been away, even for just a short time? Dogs are social pack animals and you are part of their pack.  You will learn about why your dog behaves they way they do.  There are common dog behavior problems that most every dog owner runs into. Learn about how to solve common dog behavior problems.

Barking puppy

Why do I have a barking dog?

Is your dog constantly barking? We know that yes, dogs do bark. Some bark louder, and some have a more persistent yap. After all, barking for dogs is almost like talking for us. But what if your dog barks too much—so much so that it becomes intrusive? Maybe you don’t get enough sleep for yourself because of it? Or worse, maybe your neighbors aren’t getting enough sleep!

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