What Size Cat Carrier Do You Need?

How large sized cat crate do you have?
Photo by Jon Ross.

When buying a cat carrier, there are different sizes available at pet stores, so, logical would be a question: “How large cat carrier do I need?

We have devoted our previous articles to getting your cat to accept his carrier, and getting an unwilling cat into a carrier. Now, we want to answer the question related to the size of the carrier itself.

Let’s start with the short answer first. At minimum, cat carrier should be large enough, so the cat is able to turn around in it, and to rise his head when lying down. But for the rest – the bigger carrier you’ve got, the better for your cat. But is it the same for you?

It’s about finding a compromise between your cat, you, and how much space you can afford while traveling. Also, it means, in different kinds of travel you may be using different sizes of cat carriers.

In example, if you have to carry a cat to a vet’s office, you, most likely, would not want to mess with a super large and super heavy carrier. It’s a five minute trip, and you have to take the carrier to your car, to a vet’s office, back to a car, and back inside the house. Or even carry it for a mile or so on foot.

That’s where you want a small and light carrier, besides, the travel is short enough for the cat to endure some discomfort. Which is nothing compared to manipulations at a vet’s office, if you asked the cat.

On the other hand, when we go on a longer ride, placing a larger crate that even has a place for a litter box in it might be an excellent idea. Even if you do need several persons to carry it, on a longer ride it’s not giving any significant inconvenience to travelers.

And, of course, it’s again a compromise, how much space you can afford, how large car and how much other stuff do you have, and how much you can carry.

Remember, no matter what you choose, never travel with your cat off carrier. Even huge discomfort for your cat in a small sized carrier is way better than getting injured in an accident, no matter if it is caused by a cat jumping in a drivers face or a drunk guy cutting your way.

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