How to care for your first cat

Did you just got your first cat? That is amazing, let’s learn cat care for beginners together! Or are you planning to get one soon? That’s even better, you will be able to learn how to care for you kitten in advance.

Your First Cat has Arrived!

Below is a list of articles that are part of our series aimed at beginner cat owners. At the same time, we are sure some experienced cat owners will benefit, too.

Before getting your first cat

  1. 6 things to ask yourself before getting a cat
  2. Places to get a kitten from
  3. How to tell if the cat breeder is good
  4. How old the kitten must be to leave mom
  5. Should you get an adult cat or kitten
  6. How to choose a healthy kitten
  7. How to kitten-proof your home
  8. Stuff your new cat will need

Cat arrives home

  1. Introducing a kitten to his new home
  2. Introducing a cat to a dog
  3. What if your new kitten is afraid of you
  4. Should you keep your cat indoors

Basic cat care

  1. How to feed your cat
  2. Claw trimming
  3. Cat brushing for beginners
  4. Litter box care for beginners

We are not done. There are more things to know to provide the best care for your cat. We still have to cover things like your kitten’s health, veterinary checkups, training, and others. Stay tuned.

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