How to calm a female cat in heat

Is it hard to calm your cat when she is in heat? You already know, signs of cats in heat are hard to bear, so today we are going to teach you how to soothe your cat, how to make her feel comfortable and more relaxed during the heat cycle.

Cat acts crazy. How to calm a cat in heat?
You probably know, cat’s act crazy when in heat. So you need to learn how to calm a cat in heat… Photo © misterelements

So, here’s a list of a things to try:

  • Provide an attention to your cat. It’s the most effective, and most necessary method to calm your cat during heat. You can talk to your cat, pet her, brush or let her sit in your lap. Sometimes, even just being near you, will make her feel more confident.
  • Play with your cat. It gives both, physical exercise, as well as attention from you, as mentioned above. Additionally, playing with your cat has many benefits. It’s best to use an interactive toy, that is, one that can be operated by you. We like Da Bird and Cat Catcher. In most cases, it’s a toy in a string, or it can be a simple twig from a bush. However, if your cat appears not to be willing to play, don’t intrude.
  • Provide a secure location. As much as your cat needs an attention and exercise, it’s the time when she may want not to be bothered by other pets, kids, noises or even you. Best way is to provide her with a good elevated location in a form of a cat tree, window perch or simply do not bother her as she naps on a couch.
  • Veterinary assistance in a form of ovulation induction. In cats, ovulation is induced by mechanical stimulation of the vagina during mating. Similar result can be achieved by a veterinary procedure. This won’t stop your cat’s current heat cycle, but it will delay the next one. We will soon talk about stopping heat cycles in cats, so stay tuned.
  • Herbal remedy can also be used. One of the most popular is Rescue Remedy for pets; however, please note, since remedies are intended for short term stress management, this type is not the best for calming a cat in heat. Why? Because it’s a long term stress for a cat, and applying medicine regularly for prolonged periods is never recommended. Find out more about stress in cats here.
  • Spay your cat. It won’t calm your cat in heat, but it will definitely stop your cat going in heat ever again. Besides, there’s no better way to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Besides, it’s a wise thing to do for cat owners who do not plan to breed their cat. You can read more about spaying cats here.

Above all, no method for calming a cat in heat is as effective as patience. It’s a natural process, and your cat is not in pain. Of course, more natural would be letting her mate; however, it’s not what responsible cat owners would do. Even if you are a cat breeder, letting her have kittens every time she goes in heat is not the wisest choice.

Calming a cat is not the only concern during her heat cycle. In the next article, we are going to teach you another important aspect – how to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Stay tuned as our series about cats in heat will continue shortly.

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