Dogs. Puppies. Puppers.  Four legged fur babies. Everyone’s best friend.  Your four legged furry pet is always excited to see you. Your dog wants to be with you everywhere you go, always.  Why does your dog do that?  Does your dog spin around in circles before he or she lay down?  Does your dog sniff another dogs rear when they meet? They all do, but why? Everything you need to know about your dog.  Learn about common dog behavior problems and what to do about them.  Learn how to train your dog.  How much do I feed my dog? Read All about female dogs in heat.

Female yellow lab puppy with a pink bow. Why do female dogs go into heat? Because it's a natural function of her reproductive system.

Why do female dogs go into heat

Female dogs that are not spayed will eventually go into heat. And if you’ve never had an experience with an intact female dog, you might find yourself confused about what is happening to your dog. When a dog goes into heat, she licks herself more often, there is a red discharge from her private area, and her personality might seem a little off. You might become nervous along with your dog, and this may end up a nightmare.

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