What you should know about cat’s tooth brushing

Dog tooth brushing, cat tooth brushing
Yes, dogs and cats will benefit from tooth brushing.

Do you brush your cat’s teeth? WHAT? Seriously, cat’s teeth are very similar to ours. Cats and humans may not brush their teeth in the wild, but modern society values the benefits of regular tooth brushing, even for cats. If you expect your cat to live 20+ years, you should pay attention to what’s in your cat’s mouth.

Here is a list of articles we have recently written in a series about your cat’s tooth brushing and cleaning.

1. Why do you need to brush your cat’s teeth?

We already mentioned that above. Teeth brushing is a key not only to your cat’s dental health but to his overall health as well.

Also, if you consider yourself a pet parent, you want to provide your pet with the same level of care as if it were a human child, and that includes dental health. Find out more here…

2. How often should you brush your cat’s teeth?

A general rule for humans is to brush our teeth twice daily. Should it be the same for cats? Well, yes and no. Twice daily is preferred, but you need to set a realistic goal.

In general, it is recommended to brush a cat’s teeth daily, but some suggest to do so at least three times per week. By the way, did you know that brushing your cat’s teeth only once a month may be worse than not brushing at all? Find out more here…

3. How should you brush your cat’s teeth?

And, finally, now that we have (hopefully) convinced you to brush your cat’s teeth, here comes the manual on how to do it and, most important, how to make it easy for your cat.

Since you are going to brush your cat’s teeth daily, having four people hold your cat while you quickly brush a few of his or her teeth is not a solution. You want to make sure your cat tolerates the tooth brushing, and maybe even have him enjoy the process. Find out how to do it here…

4. How can you keep your cat’s teeth clean without brushing?

Are you lazy? We are, and when it comes to tasks such as cleaning a cat’s teeth, human nature always searches for an easier solution. Although we’d like to encourage you to actually brush your cat’s teeth, we think these few tips will come in handy as alternatives. Why? Because, unlike brushing once every few weeks, these alternatives at least offer a better solution than doing nothing at all. Find out more here…

Are you going to invest some time in your cat’s tooth brushing from now on? When both you and your cat learn to do it properly, it takes just a few minutes of your time.

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